The  “Cyber-Flower Series”  is my current direction and  attempts to  challenge and reproduce  the  vibrant colors  and diversity  of  the floral patterns found in nature with the technology of  electronics,  motors, and radiant light.    By utilizing the high speed mechanical rotation of multicolored luminous shapes  a variety of patterns  are created during the rotation.  The patterns  have the appearance of flowers and can be either programmed  to cycle a variety of  “flower” displays over time or can be made  viewer interactive with separate motor speed and luminous  pattern controls.    “The Seasons” is one example of a programmed sequence  I have used that cycles through the four seasons in the life of a Cyber-Flower by slowly sprouting faint petals in Spring, evolving to  bold full bloom in Summer, then fading petals in Fall, and finally dormant during Winter.   Such competition with nature and the beauty of flowers   acknowledges human effort, but ultimately  pays homage to what  nature  does best. 

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